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Lots of factors come into play when you choose to install a hearing loop. Our advisor carry out a comprehensive survey of your needs before spending money on any type of hearing loop. We consider the size & shape of the room the number of people whether they are static or moving around. We consider all incredibly important factors to understand in order to ensure correct installation.

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We design your hearing loop system specifically for you. A hearing loop system requires many considerations such as input audio, loop driver, a loop design, the physical loop, installation accessories, and test equipment for commissioning and subsequent maintenance. From quotation to design to installation a whole system view is taken. This approach ensures the best possible solution for your assistive listening needs.


Whatever the size of your organisation, you can’t afford to turn away customers. Installing a hearing loop system can remove barriers and make your organisation fully accessible to customers and staff who wear hearing aids with a loop. Our specialist does a site survey for the loop system & installation engineer will visit you to discuss your needs and ensure that all your specific requirements are considered. We help to identify future problems or faults and ensure the ongoing operation of your hearing loop system.


Hearing loop training is structured to meet a variety
of learning styles with both classroom and
hands-on learning. Trainings cover audio basics,
IEC standards, use of meters, testing and understanding
background noise, basic installation methods,
and loop configurations. Attendees will be taught
the use of hearing loops and product selection
for home settings, business /commercial use,
and large venues including public and government facilities.

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