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FM System

What is a Frequency-Modulated (FM) System?

An FM System, an assistive listening device, is a wireless system that transmits sound via radio waves. The speaker wears a compact transmitter and microphone while the listener wears a portable receiver. The receiver transmits sound to your ears or, if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant if you have one. The receiver can also connect to a headset if you don’t wear a hearing aid.


How do FM hearing systems work?

A traditional FM System comprises of two main parts – a radio transmitter and radio receiver. The transmitter captures sound via a microphone or direct connection to a sound source and transmits to the receiver.

Transmitters and receivers vary dependent on the manufacturer. Some have manual controls only while others have manual controls with a small screen for menu selection to set the transmission frequency between the transmitter and receiver and select the use of the audio input. The screen may also show the battery level, frequency channel and direction of the microphone.

Why use FM hearing systems ?

A FM System empowers a hearing aid wearer with their own light weight, portable, flexible and discrete equipment that they can use in a great variety of daily situations where additional hearing assistance is required, as hearing aids alone, mainly due to background noise and distance, are not sufficient.

The legislation term “reasonable adjustments” has meant that there are businesses and organisations that have still not installed induction loops in strategic or customer facing areas and there are situations and places where there will probably never be induction loops. e.g. dining out, or sitting at a restaurant table.

While they should install induction loops a person with a FM System can almost go anywhere (they are not waterproof) with their equipment and therefore are less dependent on others.

Digi RS-ST

Item no.: 550020

Digital stationary transmitter

Wireless audio for seminars and interpretations

Univox Digi RS-ST stationary transmitter is used where you have an audio source that you want to transfer wirelessly to receivers with headphones or neckloop.
Digi RS is suitable for a variety of applications, such as teaching, seminars, meetings, simultaneous interpretation, product demonstrations, talks, sermons, workout etc.
The basic model for Digi RS stationary transmitter comes with frequencies 821 – 832 and 863 – 865MHz, but it is also available in other frequency ranges for use both in and out of the EU.
Digi RS-ST is part of the Univox Digi RS (Radio System) which is an easy-to-use FM system adapted for people with hearing impairment. The system also consists of bodypack transmitters and receivers, which deliver wireless and clear audio of the highest quality that ensures accessibility for people with hearing impairment.


  • 821-832 and 863-865MHz (programmable)
  • Range up to 100m open field
  • 32 channels
  • OLED display
  • Smart channel synchronization
  • To be used with Digi RS receivers and headphones/earphones or neckloop for hearing aid users
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm output for headphones/headset
  • 6.3mm/XLR input for microphone
  • AUX (RCA) in- and outputs

Great speech intelligibility for hearig aid users

Univox Digi RS-R is a digital bodypack receiver that can be used with assistive listening neckloop as well as headphones.
Digi RS-R is a part of the Univox Digi RS (Radio System) which is an easy-to-use FM system adapted for people with hearing impairment. The Digi RS system also consists of stationary and bodypack transmitters, delivering wireless high quality audio to ensure accessibility also to people with hearing impairment.
The bodypack transmitters and receivers weigh only 70 grams incl. battery. Fully charged they deliver up to 15 hours of usage and it’s possible to replace the rechargeable.


  • Wireless body pack transmitters and receivers, with rechargeable batteries (1 AA NiMH, 2100 mAh)
  • Light weight, only 70 gram incl. battery
  • Range (line-of-sight) up to 50 m /100 m depending on transmitter
  • Adapted for use with neckloop for hearing aid users (accessory)
  • LCD display for channel and battery status (lights up when channel is changed)
  • Smart channel synchronization
  • Power saving mode
  • Fully charged NiMH battery provides up to 15 hours of use
  • 32 channels
  • Frequency range 821-832 and 863-865 MHz
  • Receiver includes single-sided earphone and neck strap
  • 3.5mm output for headphones/earphone/neckloop
  • Charger station for 5 units (accessory)
  • Compatible charger and transport case for 2, 15, 25 or 42 units (accessory)

Digi RS-R

Item no.:550010

Digital wireless receiver for assistive listening

Digi RS-CHG5

Item no.:550055

Charger station for 5 Digi RS receivers/transmitters

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