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As part of the Syllabus at Grant MacEwan University, I came across one article on hearing loops. This got me very interested and I started researching on this subject. It’s immense benefits and how it makes the world barrier free for the hard of hearing deeply fascinated me. To my great surprise and some dismay, I realized that no much is happening in terms of looping Canada or North America in general. While Europe, in particular the Scandinavian countries and England have made great strides towards looping all public areas including buses and taxis and airports, North America in general and Canada in particular has been very slow in adapting it and embracing it. Partnering with another graduate of Grant MacEwan University Hearing Aid Practitioner Program and another student of master’s at University of Alberta graduate studies with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, “www.thehearingloop.com” was born in 2018. From consultation, to design, to installation and training, we are professionals who will do the job right the first time. I encourage you to get in touch with us for a free, no obligation consultation for your church, business, school, conference hall or whatever business it is that you are running. You are guaranteed to increase your business volume when you make the place more welcoming for the hard of hearing!

Special Thanks

“ We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Juliette Sterkens, the loopwisconsin.com for allowing us to share the content. We are also grateful to Lee Ramsdell, President Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton for his invaluable inputs and allowing us to share the information and resources.”

Brands We Deal In

Assistive hearing devices.


Univox is a powerful hearing loop system to send the hearing aid users an adequate signal. It has a strong amplifier to produce the current needed to create the necessary magnetic field strength.

Williams Sound

We manufacture many of our products in our Eden Prairie plant. We also distribute select products from reputable suppliers that complement our own products, and we import carefully qualified accessory items such as earphones, headphones, and microphones.


Today, Geemarc Telecom specialises, as a manufacturer, in the sell of products specifically suited to the needs of hearing-impaired and visually impaired users, senior citizens and Alzheimer’s sufferers (corded, cordless and mobile phones, TV and/or hearing-aid headsets, clocks and alarm clocks, accessories, etc).

The Hearing Loop – Changing Life!

Only the hearing loop can bring sound to everyone, everywhere & at once without the need for an extra receiver. The hearing loop uses the built-in receiver in the hearing aid (T-coil) to transmit the sound without background noise through the personally adjusted hearing aid. Without any extra receiver & without any extra power consumption, the hearing aid user experience crystal clear sound.

The use of a device makes a great difference in one life. This is dreamed of every hearing aid user. that volume is normal again!

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