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Rock your events with our hearing loops to reach your audience with clearity & power.

Barrier Free Hearing at Home

“Hearing Loop – Connecting Families!” Build a home that cares for each one’s needs.

Assistive Hearing Loops at Public Places

Making our public places accessable to all with audio clarity under Bill C- 81

The Hearing Loops at Church

Making our public places accessable to all with audio clarity under Bill C- 81

Assistive Hearing Loops at Public Places

Making our public places accessable to all with audio clarity under Bill C- 81

The Hearing Loop

Making Life Easier

Hearing aid users who want to hear better & family members Anyone who wants to improve hearing accessibility for public venues and the clients or visitors they serve.

Hearing Loop is like a “Wi-Fi” for hearing aids, A Hearing Loop transmits sound from the PA system’s microphone directly and wirelessly to the T-coil in a hearing aid with significant reduction in background noise.

Benefit to hearing aid users and people with hearing loss:

  • Hearing Loops provide improved listening clarity for people with hearing loss who have trouble and fatigue,
  • when trying to understand speech, because of distance, reverberation, and distracting background noise.
  • Hearing loops can be installed in auditoriums, meeting rooms, buses, places of worship and TV rooms.
  • Hearing loops reduce background noise and make hearing aids or cochlear implants work much better When the T-coil (telecoil) program is selected, the hearing aid’s external microphone is automatically disabled.

Most hearing aid users are surprised to find out how much better they can hear in a hearing loop.

Hearing Loop on Rent

We believe the ability to hear and communicate should be available wherever you are. That’s why we’ve created a complete product range to meet your needs at home, in school, throughout your community, place of worship and beyond. Finding solutions to each user’s unique needs is the bedrock of our service.

Churches, mosques & synagogues

There are a large number of churchgoers who have stopped attending services due to hearing loss that prevents them from clearly hearing the message. Hearing loops are the perfect solution for all places of worship.

Schools, universities & concert hall

In school, every student matters. There is a growing population of people with hearing loss, and they might decide to choose other competitors if they have an environment that is better suited for people with hearing loss.

Museum & exhibitions

With a hearing loop, you’ll be at the top of the customer’s list. Hearing Loops are the most convenient and highest quality form of hearing assistance available.

Hearing Loops for Churches

Creating a community that cares!

Lets make our places of worship more welcoming
to the hard of hearing people.
With our Hearing loop systems for Churches is
really changing the experience of worship
for the hard of hearing people.

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Hearing Loop Devices

Once installed, a loop works for years without any maintenance cost for the owner of the venue. And not to forget – the hearing aid wearers do not need to pay for any extra receiver – the receiver is already built-in in their hearing aid!

Counter Loop PLA 90

Autoloop 2.0

201500, 201500EU, 201500EU-P, 201500EU-R, 201500EUS,
201500US, 201500UK,
Automatic loop amplifier with personal level control

Univox PLOOP 2.0

217100, 217100EU,
217100US, 217100AUS,

Loop Driver for meeting and classrooms, TV lounges and other smaller areas

Univox TLS 2.2

221000, 221000EU,
221000US, 221000UK,

SLS-1: Class D Tech series: Loop driver for phased array systems

Hearing Loop System


Hearing Loop System

The hearing loop begins at the sound source.  Using microphones or feeds from existing sound systems, this signal is sent to an induction loop amplifier which generates a current to be sent along the loop wire.  With the amp driving current through the copper loop wire, a magnetic field is induced; this magnetic field is then picked up through a t-coil in a hearing aid or cochlear implant where it is picked up by the listener free of any ambient background noise or reverberation.  This results in a clearer signal from the sound source and aids greatly in speech intelligibility.

IR System

An IR System, an assistive listening device, is a wireless system that uses infrared light to transmit sound. A transmitter converts sound into a light signal and beams it to a receiver that is worn by the listener. The receiver decodes the infrared signal back to sound. These systems can only be used indoors and the receiver must be in the direct line of sight of the light bean from the transmitter. People whose hearing aids or cochlear implants have a telecoil may also wear a neckloop or silhouette inductor to convert the infrared signal into a magnetic signal, which can be picked up through their telecoil.

FM/Rf System

An FM System, an assistive listening device, is a wireless system that transmits sound via radio waves. The speaker wears a compact transmitter and microphone while the listener wears a portable receiver. The receiver transmits sound to your ears or, if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant if you have one. The receiver can also connect to a headset if you don’t wear a hearing aid.


Sounds of Life – For Hard of Hearing People

Only the hearing loop can bring sound to everyone, everywhere and at once without the need for an extra receiver. With hearing loop system we want the hearing aid users to be happy and fill them with hope. 


We had a hearing loop installed in our waiting room by Arrow Audio AV Group from Appleton. We now can quickly demonstrate how the loop works and validate telecoil settings. The best part is when we mute the TV; the client continues to hear while the spouse doesn’t hear a thing! Having a loop right in the office has made all the difference.

Peter Zellmer, AuD – Owner Haviland Hearing Aids, Appleton   WI

I recently attended the Cochlear America Celebration convention in San Diego, where I had a demonstration of a looped room connected to a TV. With my cochlear implant, the sound was very impressive.

 Wayne Herrick
Ontario, Canada

“The meeting the other night showed me how miraculous they (t-coils) are. In the looped room, I heard every word Juliette said. What a revelation that speech in a meeting setting could sound that clear to me! It left me wanting more. Still definitely planning to have looping in our home”

Judy Wilson, HLAA member
San Diego   CA

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